Monday, October 11, 2010

Hunting Dachshund

This morning I got Katie on the school bus as usual, then proceeded with my farm chores. Fed the goats and their LGD, filled horses trough, threw out some chicken scratch. I kept hearing this noise from the back yard. Lucy the Dachshund had dug out again under the gate on Saturday, and I thought it was her scratching at the gate showing her displeasure at the concrete cinder block I had propped over her hole. Upon peeking around the house, I saw no Lucy. I went into the back yard a few minutes later and narrowed down the source of the sound to behind the storage shed. Was Lucy scratching at the fence? I rounded the corner and found her adamently digging at a black flexible drainage pipe that was lying by the hay shed. She would occasionally stick her head in the end of the pipe hoping to reach her prey. I'm standing there trying to decide if I should pick up the tube and try to empty out the culprit when Lucy gets her head stuck in the end. She freaks out, jumping around, running backwards, hits the hay shed, knocks over a propped up pallet on herself. I finally caught her and extracted her head. While she was shaking it off, I lifted the pipe and shook out a chipmunk who scurried to safety unnoticed. One of the lucky few that got away...

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