Friday, June 4, 2010

Moving back to GA!

We've been in NC for close to a year now, and not a single person came to see our farm in GA. Paying a mortgage, apartment rent, and horse board has stretched us pretty thin, so I found a couple jobs in GA to apply to. Earlier this week I got an offer at the UGA Vet School, and I accepted! We'll be moving back to GA at the end of the month.

So now I get to move all 6 horses back to our farm in Lexington, move all of our 2 BR apartment, Kelly has to find a new job in GA, and I'm supposed to go on a business trip the week before I start my new job. All of a sudden, the month got super busy!

I'm sad about leaving my new friends here in NC, but I'm super excited about going back to our farm! After living on my own horse farm for 10 years, living in a 2 BR apartment with no porch or patio has been a harsh change. It will also be nice to be able to see my family without having to drive 6 hours.

Wish us luck on the move!