Monday, October 19, 2009

Red Mountain Hounds Hunter Pace

I convinced a friend at work to ride with me in the Red Mountain Hounds hunter pace last weekend. She loves horses and took lessons for 5 years, but hasn't ridden in about 10 years. I met her out at our new boarding barn on Saturday to let her meet Tucker and ride for a bit. She did great and wasn't discouraged at all about going to the hunter pace the next day. We loaded up the next morning and upon arrival, Maggie decided she didn't want to get OFF the trailer! We tried everything, and finally we ended up folding the rear tack so she could go off front-ways! (Thanks TJ!) We met up with a friend I had made at the Horsemasters meeting the previous week, and the three of us came in fourth in our division! Of course it was the slowest division, the "strollers", but we had a ton of fun, and Maggie did great on her first hunter pace. We have big plans to ride in the next one on November 1. It's great to be meeting so many people in the NC horse community, and I love the Horsemasters club!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

moving to North Carolina

OK, I've been horrible about updating the blog, but a lot has happened since I did! I've taken a new job in Durham, NC and already moved to an apartment in Hillsborough, NC and been at work for a month. I brought Tucker, Maggie, and Sandy up Labor Day weekend. I will be moving them from a boarding farm in Stem, NC to one closer to Hillsborough this Saturday. We are planning on going to our first NC show on Saturday as well. I am considering bringing Nick, Gem, and Rosie up to NC the weekend of October 24.

Katie and I looked at two houses (potential farms) yesterday, but I think they both will require too much land-clearing to be worth it. I'm hoping to find something with established pasture, but we'll see. Our Lexington, GA farm is on the market, and as far as I know, there hasn't been any interest yet. Wish us luck on finding a new farm, and if you know of anyone looking for one in the Athens area, tell them about mine!